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Three Kingdoms Innovatory gamepad issue or Three Kingdoms Innovatory Game 2023 gamepad not working - Fix this problem

Three Kingdoms Innovatory gamepad issue

Three Kingdoms Innovatory

PC / Windows version of video game - gamepad not working

Three Kingdoms Innovatory video game for PC

You want to play this video game with your new / old gamepad / joystick / controller and the game does not recognize your device ?

TK Innovatory Then this issue can be fixed with a gamepad emulator.


Simply, gamepad buttons not working.

TK Innovatory

First you must download emulator files from here (download both versions to have 100% chance of success)and then you must follow our guide ..step by step..

Three Kingdoms Innovatory for PC

And now comes the hardest in this guide.

1. Download both files to game folder and extract both files

Example of game folder location :

For Digital Download or DVD : C:\Games\Three Kingdoms Innovatory\ (Three Kingdoms Innovatory.exe must be in folder)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Three Kingdoms Innovatory\ also Three Kingdoms Innovatory.exe must be in folder)

For Steam : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Three Kingdoms Innovatory\ Three Kingdoms Innovatory.exe

1. Be sure that you have latest graphics driver installed. Here for AMD and here for Nvidia

2. Open gamepad emulator from main game folder where Three Kingdoms Innovatory.exe is present (see screenshot bellow) and make these changes and then save (link to download is above)

TK Innovatory

New Changes: Go to -> Game Settings -> Check all these: COM - PIDVID - STOP - LL - SA - WT

Then select all with 64 bits and 64-bit like in captured image right ?

Updated method to fix gamepad is not working or gamepad not detected issues

Fix your gamepad: Three Kingdoms Innovatory gamepad is not working guide, gamepad is not detected, fix my gamepad program, gamepad sofware, Three Kingdoms Innovatory how to repar usb gamepad tutorial

创造三国志 gamepad Troubleshooting:

If you have done all steps correctly and your gamepad still not working, try to run x360ce_x64.exe and make a new config for your gamepad model, including update from internet.. TK Innovatory

Download More Fixes

Gamepad not working Troubleshooting

By the way, your gamepad is working or not ? test it :

Gamepad Testing Guide

Three Kingdoms Innovatory no gamepad detected issue

Fully compatible with new Windows 11

Three Kingdoms Innovatory Windows 11

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This guide has been created by IoanaFX on 2023-08-11